Unique action
for everybody!

Winter Laser World´s already well known Outdoor Laser Tag in the cold arctic darkness with sparkling snow, laser-, smoke- and light effects are just something you wanna do again and again!


Pull your family/team together and make a solid strategy, take the enemy sniper down but cover your own, attack and conquer the buildings and try to make points as much as you can by avoiding those nasty red lasers yourself!


Our advanced equipment is offering high quality experience:


  • Half automatic/automatic MS4- laser tags: LCD-screen (game time, points, hits, shots, rank, etc.), red laser and sniper aimer, hit sensors and color codes

  • Bigger Sniper tags: telescopic aimer, LCD-screen (game time, points, hits, shots, rank, etc.)hit sensors and color codes

  • Camo helmet with hit sensors and color codes

No age limit 
No weather limitations 

This product is mainly for adults but kids under 7y. are also allowed with grown ups. Our youngest player has been 3 year-old and oldest 85y. It´s all about players physical strength to be able to carry our gears. 

Rain, snow, warm, cold...none if these matters when the games are on! Our record has been -38 with the customers and still sweating and laughing :)

No participation limitations

Open games are for everybody. Book in alone, with a friend or with the whole family. VIP - Games for bigger groups. Ask an offer!

No pain or mess

The games are not making any pain or mess, but all the rest is up to the players ;)

No rules

There are no rules, only warnings how players may hurt them selves or break our gears. Players are responsible of their own actions and movements.




WINTER LASER WOLRD -LEVI, Atrinpolku 99130, Kittilä



Suvannoisenpolku 2 A 5,

99130 Sirkka



Tel: +358 (0) 40 5393764

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