Virta Tuotanto is a Finnish event company arranging unique experiences since 2013. Winter Laser World – Levi is our main base offering all our products: Archery Tag, Outdoor Laser Tag and Arctic Hunger Games.


The first game area was built next to Immeljärvi on 2014. All our players were very pleased so already on second winter we created new and bigger area here in Atri with Crazy Reindeer, about 1,5 kilometers from the Levi Centre. 

The area is made mainly by bunkers, trenches, bridges, abandoned buildings and sniper towers. Best experience will be in the darkness when all the lasers, light- and smoke effects are making the place Real Fantasy Game World! During the winter, snow is making its own magic.

Our experiences are created mainly for adults but kids are allowed as well with adults. 

The games are not making any pain or mess, but all the rest is up to the players ;)

Our main goal is to connect people and make them happy, evolve our experiences and create always something new.

Transfers & Parking


There is a ski bus stopping 200 meters from us but we are also transfering people to the games from nearby Levi areas, so ask the situation when you book the game :) Coming by car you can find a parking area nearby and it´s free of charge!




The main thing for us to make people happy and unforgettable experiences.  You can walk out with out paying if you don´t enjoy with us. The only limit is that, if you wanna quit, do it during the first game.


What to wear for the games?

These are outdoor activities so mainly you should wear normal sporty outdoor clothes for the weather and easy to move with. We recommend different layers! Probably you are going to be really warm and sweaty after first games when the top layer is good to take off and put back again when we´re finished. Shoes should be good for having fun in the snow. You should have woolly hat or hood for under neath the helmet and gloves instead of mittens that you can use your fingers at the trigger or string the bow. But don´t worry, if you don´t own gloves, we have some spare ones.


For the VIP - games we offer a light white cover uniform on top of your own outdoor clothes, which will help to "disappear to the landscape". 


HOX! We recommend to use contact lenses instead of eye glasses during the games if possible.


Snack and Alcohol Policy


If you like, you can bring your own snacks and drinks with you. There is an outdoor fire place on all the time where you can grill example sausages or marshmallows during your visit :) We offer warm juice and cold water. Reasonable alcohol drinking is also allowed if it´s okay for all other players. 




Our company has liability insurance in case of accidents caused by the company's activities. We do not insure customers against accidents not caused by our company. Laser markers or archeries do not harm anyone, and customers carefully listen/read through safety instructions before the games. Customers are responsible for their movements. In case the customer, for example, stumbles and gets hurt, it should be covered by customers / company’s own insurance. Additional information on this issue is provided within safety instructions before the games. All accidents are reported in Winter Laser Worlds safety documentation.


Breakage/Damage of the company´s property


The customer is liable to reimburse all damage caused or lost property. Virta Tuotanto is liable to clarify the price of a broken or lost product / component as quickly as possible. 



You can pay with cash or credit card. Invoicing is possible only for bigger groups. We take also Smartum sport-/culture tickets.


Booking and cancellation


You can always contact us if there are any changes or wishes concerning your booking. Reservations for open games can be still cancelled 24h before the games. VIP-games 7 days before.




WINTER LASER WOLRD -LEVI, Atrinpolku 99130, Kittilä



Suvannoisenpolku 2 A 5,

99130 Sirkka

Tel: +358 (0) 40 5393764

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