During the Winter season we are up on North of Finland, Levi Lapland. On summer you can find us mostly from  South, but we go where ever we want or are needed :)


If you wanna have the game already today, the best and fastest way is  to call first to:

Viivi     +358 40 5393764    ENG/FIN 


If you wanna book a game for tomorrow or further, please send us an email or use the form under neath cause probably we are at the field working at this moment :)


Normally we try to reply or call you straight or inside couple of hours. If you don´t get any answer in 24h, please call us or contact again. There can be failure in the BIT-system. You can never fully trust on technology and we are not guaranteeing any contacts which we haven´t received.

At this moment, we are not using your information to anything else or giving it to anyone else. Your info is saved to our email and webpage systems and there are only one person (Viivi) handling this info. Also phone calls can be recorded to verify the bookings. By contacting us, you give us permission to use this information in our systems and use it in our own communication.

Book a game, give a feedback or just        

    contact us...

Write here also if you have any other questions or wishes?




WINTER LASER WOLRD -LEVI, Atrinpolku 99130, Kittilä



Suvannoisenpolku 2 A 5,

99130 Sirkka



Tel: +358 (0) 40 5393764

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