If you like archery, action, adrenaline, strategies and hunting other people, these games will swipe your legs off!

You have now official permission to hunt your friends! 

Archery Tag® is originally from United States and already well known around the world but Virta Tuotanto brought it for the first time into Finland on spring 2017 and created completely new concepts with it for the arctic surroundings.


Games are played with Archery Tag® bows, masks and patented foam-tipped arrows. Hit won´t hurt but you can definitely feel it!


Age limit 

Minimum age limit 10-12y. These games needs some reaction skills and strength to be able to play with the gears.

No weather limitations 

Rain, snow, warm, cold...none of these matters when the games are on! 

No participation limitations

Open games are for everybody. Book in alone, with a friend or with the whole family. VIP - Games for bigger groups. Ask an offer!

No pain or mess

These games are not hurting or making any mess by themselves but the rest is up to the players ;)




WINTER LASER WOLRD -LEVI, Atrinpolku 99130, Kittilä



Suvannoisenpolku 2 A 5,

99130 Sirkka



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